CALL OUT | SOS Gallery – Production Run

CALL OUT | SOS Gallery – Production Run

Small Object Space (SOS) is presented by artisan in partnership with Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA). This gallery space showcases QCA’s best small object and jewellery work that engages with mediums or concepts relevant to the artisan’s craft and design focus.  SOS’s exhibition program features the work of the college’s students, staff and alumni, in solo and group exhibitions, selected by representatives of both artisan and the QCA.

SOS provides QCA, a vital cultivator of Queensland’s craft and design talent, the opportunity to exhibit the work of its foremost artists. For QCA students it also provides a unique opportunity to publicly exhibit their work at an early stage in their career, in the state’s peak craft and design gallery.



Production Run

As part of the 2016 exhibition program for SOS, artisan and QCA are curating a new exhibition titled Production Run. The exhibition will show from 29 November to 24 December 2016. Production Run will explore the nature and potential of ‘production’ jewellery work and its relationship to one-off work within an artist’s practice.

For this exhibition artisan and QCA are calling for artists to submit jewellery and small object works which they already produce in quantities, whether ongoing or as limited edition. This work will be the focus of the exhibition, however we are also interested in showing one-off works that relate to the product works if available.

Production Run is an opportunity to explore production work critically, but it also offers a great retail opportunity for artists, particularly given the exhibition’s timeframe in the lead up to Christmas. As such, we are hoping to stock any multiples of work that artists have available for the exhibition and the retail store, to allow for immediate sales.

Artisan will provide exhibition design, display furniture, lighting, installation, promotion, didactic text and an opening event for Production Run. Artists will not receive an artist’s fee for this exhibition in lieu of Christmas sales opportunities.

Application requirements:

 Your application MUST include:


Selection Criteria:

Applicants must be QCA students, staff or alumni.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Applications will be assessed by representatives from artisan and the Jewellery and Small Object School, QCA.

Please find the application form here.

Application closing date: 19 September 2016


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