Q&A with Chloe Tozer of CLO Jewellery

Q&A with Chloe Tozer of CLO Jewellery

It’s hard to believe that an emerging jeweller can accomplish an internship with a local jeweller, studying art in Spain, traveling to Mexico to do a silversmith course AND establish a trendy jewellery brand in so little time – but that’s exactly what Chloe Tozer of CLO jewellery has achieved!

Based on Queenland’s Sunshine Coast, Chloe creates simple pieces that focus on clarity of form and elimination of unnecessary detail. The result: timeless pieces that are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

We caught up with Chloe about her jewellery brand CLO Jewellery.

Feature image: Chloe Tozer, Carlos Earrings. Photo by Brock . Courtesy of the artist. 

What inspired you to start creating jewellery and where did you learn your skills?

I grew up in a creative family, my mum being an artist & interior designer. During school I received awards in visual art, inspiring me to continue with art. I travelled overseas to complete courses in Spain & Scotland to then returned to Brisbane to begin my Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) at Queensland College of Art. Up until then I was so dedicated to painting — it wasn’t until I took a minor in Jewellery and Small Objects under Elizabeth Shaw I found my passion. It was my love for traditional craftsmanship, sculpting metal by hand to create something beautiful for someone to adorn. Since then I have studied silversmithing in Mexico and completed my BFA which inspired me to begin this journey and launch CLO Jewellery.


      Chole Tozer, Bangle Uno. Photo by Zach Walker.                         Chloe Tozer, The Ricardo Ring. Photo by Zach Walker.


Can you tell us more about the ethos behind CLO Jewellery?

All CLO Jewellery is lovingly handmade using the finest most sustainable materials. I pride myself with my Artisan background and hope my jewellery pushes boundaries between wearable art  and sculpture. I make jewellery that is bold and similar to engineer parts that move or show rhythm for the wearer to become attached to. I love to present my work in colourful unique ways to challenge the viewer’s thoughts about jewellery as sculptural objects.


Chloe Tozer, Wassily Ring. Photo by Milly Bell. Courtesy of the artist.


Chloe Tozer, The Crinkle Cut Earrings. Photo by Brock Saddler. Courtesy of the artist.

Chloe Tozer, Zee Earrings. Photo by Milly Bell. Courtesy of the artist.















Your fabulous limited edition Puff Ring is now featured on our online store. Can you tell us more about this ring?

The Puff Ring was inspired by a study into Pop art, a project I was working on in the last year of my BFA. I wanted to create a fun, bold statement ring that would last forever. The method used to create the 3D cloud shape requires a handmade mold that is short lived. It’s a new technique that I really enjoyed learning. I thought it would be best suited for a limited edition product because the mold can only handle a minimum amount of pressure before it breaks. Therefore only around 25 editions can ever be made.

Chloe Tozer, Puff Ring. Sterling silver. Limited edition. RRP$179. Image: Jaala Alex. Courtesy of the artist.


What advice do you have for those interested in establishing their own jewellery practice and business?

Just do it! My dad has always taught me, that life is all about taking risks and if your’e passionate about something you will never look back. His illness recently has made me stronger believer to keep doing what I love.

I feel social media is a big aspect of our modern day lives so I think it’s important to spend some time every week to keep your followers up to date with what your working on.

Keep connected, join organisations like JMGQ (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland) to keep-up-to-date with whats going on in the industry. It’s so important to have good relationships with fellow artists, for advice, collaboration & possible exhibitions.

Chloe Tozer, Dos Earrings & Gropius Ring. Photo by Lisa Brown. Courtesy of the artist.

Chloe Tozer, (clockwise) Teyo Earrings, The Ricardo Ring, Bangle Uno, Cube studs. Photo by Lisa Brown. Courtesy of the artist.


Where can we keep informed on your latest projects and collections?

You can keep up to date with my latest creations in store at artisan, online via www.clojewellery.com, my Instagram (@clo_jewellery) and Facebook page (clo-jewellery).

Or pop in and say hello at my new studio opening January 2015 in the Noosa Junction!

You can find a selection of Chloe’s jewellery, including the limited edition Puff Ring, in our Fortitude Valley store and online!


Chloe Tozer, (from top to bottom) Gropius Ring, The Ricardo Ring & Stacker Ring. photo by Brock Saddler.