Short Tumbler


In this work Aaron has explored the transformation of discarded glass vessels into beautiful and practical objects. The resulting products are one-off upcycled glass pieces crafted from recycled beverage bottles. The pieces are finished using combinations of sandblasting and lathe cutting methods. New life is breathed into an object that would otherwise be considered trash – at best ending up in a recycling bin – bypassing the traditional recycling route, and creating new functional and visually pleasing objects.

Short Tumblers are sold individually.

Materials: Reblown, lathe cut and sandblasted beer bottle

Size: (HxWxDcm) 6.5 x 6 x 6

Care Instructions: We recommend that the glass is washed by hand. After washing in hot soapy water, any sandblasted surfaces will appear dry, this will happen less as the surface ages. In the meantime, to return them to pristine condition, simply rub a very small dab of olive oil into the surface with a dust-free cloth.

Photo credits: Studio Image Cullum Micallef Product images: Jaala Alex

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