Online exhibition | Second Nature

Online exhibition | Second Nature

Welcome to the online home of Second Nature, an exhibition by Amica Whincop showing at BCM Crucible Gallery from 17 March to 10 May. Second Nature is curated by Danielle Harvey, the current recipient of BCM and Artisan’s Emerging Curator Mentorship.

BCMAbout the BCM Crucible Gallery

Artisan formed a partnership with BCM in 2011 which involves the curation of a number of exhibitions in the Crucible Gallery space within the BCM office to showcase the best of Queensland craft and design artists, as well as an Emerging Curator program.

The Emerging Curator program develops the talents of an emerging arts curator under the guidance of the artisan team, and the program was recognised in the 2012 Australia Council’s Young and Emerging Artists category of the AbaF Queensland Awards. The Artisan/BCM partnership is helping to develop future arts leaders, support Queensland’s art, craft and design community, and also provides exhibition opportunities for Queensland’s talented artists.

Second Nature

Soft yet bold, simple yet complex and chaotic yet calm, Amica Whincop’s paintings effortlessly juxtapose tensions between opposing elements to create balance. Amica grew up along the rocky coastline of Brittan’s Isle of Wight and now resides on the sub-tropical Sunshine Coast. Having experienced the diversity of different coastal ecosystems, Amica is inspired by nature’s ability to be one thing and another simultaneously and emits such elements through her work.

Nature’s rich, diverse colour palette radiates through Amica’s canvases. Profound hues of blue oceans, stunning pinks and oranges of luscious sunsets, and subtle greens and greys of the Australian gumtree are just some of the colours captured in Second Nature. Amica’s organic influence continues through stone-like forms that seem to float amongst a void of negative space in her paintings; yet, hidden beneath the void lies the concealed elements of an understudy of colour, spontaneity and movement that becomes central to Amica’s paintings.

Natural contrasts are deeply embedded in Amica’s processes and techniques. She employs a kinaesthetic process using her whole body to quickly and spontaneously move around her canvas. She freely marks her canvas with layers, drips and splashes of pure pigment and paint, using water, ink and air pressure to manipulate its movement. Amica often uses spray paint to push against the current of the paint as it freely flows across the canvas. These techniques are intrinsic to creating fluidity and a connection between the forms that become the final anchor of Amica’s work. Once the paint settles into its own place, Amica attempts to make sense of the new landscape on the canvas by mapping a pathway through the chaos of paint. She conceals the remaining landscape behind an opaque, flat ground leaving behind the stone-like forms that balance the tension between negative and positive space.

For Amica, the creative process allows her to channel her energy and quiet her mind. Balancing tensions between conflicting emotions, she states she feels a range of sensations, from anxiety to excitement, when painting. The energy oozing from Amica’s fluid paintings emulates her ability to intuitively balance many opposing elements, much like nature itself.

Words by Danielle Harvey

All works are courtesy of the artist.

The works in this exhibition are for sale. Download the Second Nature price list here. Please contact Caitlin at if you are interested in purchasing a work from this exhibition.

Images courtesy of Kate Holloway at BCM.