Call out for proposals | SOS gallery exhibition program 2017

Call out for proposals | SOS gallery exhibition program 2017

Artisan is excited to announce that we are partnering with QCA for a second year to create unique exhibition and professional development opportunities for QCA students, staff and alumni at Artisan.

As part of this project, Artisan invites QCA students, staff and alumni to submit exhibition proposals for our Gallery 2 exhibition program. Exhibitions must pertain to craft and design or explore the intersection between art, craft and design, and there will be a degree of focus on small objects and jewellery.

Artisan will offer successful applicants: an exhibition in our Gallery 2 space, assistance with install and de-install, mentoring services including curatorial and exhibition design advice and assistance, experience working with a professional public gallery space, and the opportunity to sell work through our retail store.

The Gallery 2 exhibition program will feature four exhibitions between June 2017 and March 2018. Each exhibition will run for 6-10 weeks.

Application requirements:

Your application MUST include:

Selection Criteria:

Applicants must be QCA students, staff or alumni. Curators that are QCA students, staff or alumni can apply but the artists included in the proposal must also be QCA students, staff or alumni. There will be a focus on small objects and jewellery but all proposals will be considered.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Download the application form here.

Application closing date: 28 November 2016


Small Object Space (SOS) is presented by Artisan in partnership with Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art (QCA). This gallery space showcases QCA’s best small object and jewellery work that engages with mediums or concepts relevant to the Artisan’s craft and design focus.  SOS’s exhibition program features the work of the college’s students, staff and alumni, in solo and group exhibitions, selected by representatives of both Artisan and the QCA.

SOS provides QCA, a vital cultivator of Queensland’s craft and design talent, the opportunity to exhibit the work of its foremost artists. For QCA students it also provides a unique opportunity to publicly exhibit their work at an early stage in their career, in the state’s peak craft and design gallery.

Feature image: Andy Lowrie, Sentinels and Spectres exhibition shot. Photo by Artisan.


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