Vanessa Wallace

Inspiration for my work comes from the cultural richness that surrounds me. I weave my experience of travel, art histories and daily rituals into clay, further anchoring them into the handmade through mediums such as crochet and beading.

I create series of themed works using either hand building or slip casting techniques. Porcelain and its brilliant whiteness and tactility is a constant in my work, but I also like to explore the possibilities of other clay bodies.

With a focus on composition, detail and patterning I use a variety of mixed media to decorate my works, such as stringing cut crystal from punched holes in porcelain, pressing woodblocks and pooling colour, or using lustre and tissue transfers.

Hand building ceramics in this way ensures that every piece is an original. I love making these works available for those who also connect with the handmade, honest craftsmanship and the malleability of earth.