Sue Harle

Sue is a craftswoman who works from Harlewood Studio in the sub-tropics of the Sunshine Coast Queensland. She trained as a silversmith then as a leather worker making bespoke, hand-stitched, leather goods, when she was introduced to beading she was inspired, Sue knew she had found her passion. Weaving or stitching tiny Japanese glass beads has become all consuming, she particularly loves Japanese glass beads because of their quality, precision and vast colour range. Teamed and complemented by crystal, semi-precious stones and pearls give her endless pleasure.

Sue designs beaded, jewellery and writes patterns, some of which are published in popular beading magazines and her designs are represented in Kalbach publications “Creative Beading” thereby sharing her distinctive techniques and designs with the beading community.

Known for her original, reversible range of beaded jewellery which includes zigzag bangles, neck pieces and earrings. The reversible aspect is novel and versatile as the wearer has the choice of two colour palettes to match their wardrobe. Art Deco is a recurring theme throughout her work as well as the use of Swarovski Crystals. Sue creates distinctive jewellery pieces which are a delight to wear and are sure to become your favourites.