Pru Morrison

Pru Morrison’s ceramic art provokes an open-ended dialogue about everyday life in Australia. Witty, laconic and rich with intertextual references, her work is often thematically centred on specific events, issues or historical characters.

Morrison is a multidisciplinary artist who also practices etching, painting and drawing – artistic expressions that all exert some influence over her ceramics. She makes use of a variety of moulds and hand-building techniques to create clay objects that resemble utilitarian objects, each with its own uncanny quirk.

Morrison’s understated porcelain vessels often feature detailed hand-painted designs. Her bolder forms are made by layering different coloured clay slips in the terra sigillata style before scratching through the strata to draw an image out from the clay body through to the surface. She sometimes uses this technique to incorporate engaging language into her work by hand-scratching short passages of text. Morrison’s aesthetic is characterised by brilliant colours; a tactic she employs to create visually alluring pieces that invite contemplation and conversation. She often uses black underglaze pencil and clear underglaze to coat the interior of a piece to improve its functionality.

Morrison is the recipient of a Rockhampton Ergon Energy Award and Cairns William Graham Carmen Award.

Pru exhibited with Artisan in Objects of Desire: Contemporary Clay, 2016. Photo by Shannon Garson.