Phoebe Paradise

Phoebe Paradise is the art project-cum-fashion label of Queensland illustrator and designer Phoebe Sheehy. Using illustrations of uniquely grimy, political and humorous sensibility, Phoebe captures a visual identity that focuses on the not-so-sunny side of life in Queensland: the gritty cityscape, drinking culture and violence, juxtaposed with imagery and vibrant colours of the natural beauty that permeates across the state.

All Phoebe Paradise garments are Australian designed and created by Phoebe herself. Phoebe Paradise is an ode to Phoebe’s wild and weird aesthetic and unique approach; she doesn’t shy away from being confronting or thought-provoking messages. She celebrates everyone’s differences and individuality through her distinctive range of garments and accessories.

Phoebe previously exhibited with Artisan in Meet the Makers, 2016.