Many Peaks Assembly

Many Peaks Assembly was established in 2012 by Rose Megirian as a way of putting into context the various and ever expanding mediums and projects she undertakes. Trained in Fashion Design at RMIT University, her practice currently includes fashion, gold and silver smithing, ceramics, graphic design, sculpture and object making, collage, arrangements and research. Favouring the vernacular of the everyday, rearranging them to accentuate the beauty in the ugly or absurd.

Art and design allows Megirian to research and develop stories, challenge the conventional techniques and philosophies of her practice and to gain the skills to physically realise an inspiration from start to finish. Megirian believes that art has the ability to instigate and promote social change whilst viewing the role of the designer as providing innovative products and services necessary for people to live in a way that supports their ideologies.

Through Many Peaks Assembly, Rose aims to design make and do in a sustainable and transparent fashion allowing critical engagement and dialogue between artists / maker and audience / customer. At its core, Many Peaks Assembly is concerned with establishing & developing creative collaborations resulting in inventive new directions.