Liz Sofield

  • Liz Sofield Artisan
  • Liz Sofield Textile Artist Ceramics
  • Liz Sofield Artisan Paper Waves
  • Liz Sofield Textile Artist Porcleain

Liz Sofield is a textile and ceramic artist. She creates artworks and ceramics that express her love of patterns and geometry. Her son’s obsession with paper planes prompted her own fascination with paper folding, and a passion for the art of origami that now transpires in all of her artwork.

Liz transforms the tactile and meditative process of folding and hand stitching into textile paper art and hand folded ceramics. Her experience in textile design, interior design and the commercial production of furnishing fabric, woven homewares, bed linen and bespoke rugs inform these delicate hand-stitched and porcelain pieces.

The details in nature and beauty found in the everyday are a constant source of inspiration. Liz’s wish is that the joy, stillness and mindfulness she experiences during the creative process is translated into each finished work.