Lisa Guy of Made in LisaLand

With a passion for hand-making, turning a hobby into a full-time occupation came easy for Lisa Guy of Made in LisaLand. Her practice spans many forms of craft, from basket weaving to loom weaving, macramé to crochet. Expanding on her passion for the handmade, Lisa often incorporates locally sourced handspun and dyed wools and cotton, as well as using other natural materials such as driftwood, feathers and raffia in her work.

As a self-taught maker Lisa has travelled extensively to learn as much as she can about basketry and weaving and in turn shares her skills with others through workshops. Lisa believes that coming together to learn how to create using your own hands helps people to connect with each other as well as with the past when hand-making was a necessity; the act of hand-making helps you understand and appreciate the time and skill behind a craft.

Lisa previously exhibited with Artisan in Meet the Makers, 2016.