Kirralee & Co.

Kirralee Robinson of Kirralee and Co. is a self-taught woodworker who creates homewares using reclaimed materials. She is particularly taken by the elegance of minimalist lines and the ingenuity of mid-century design. Kirralee and Co. aim to provide functional sculptures for the home that are user-focused and design oriented, whilst maintaining a small-to-nil carbon footprint.

Every piece of hardwood Kirralee and Co. use is locally sourced, usually from unwanted furniture. Kirralee attempts bring out the natural strength and unique history of the wood she finds and works with, whether it’s a distinctive wood grain, a curve or an imperfection. Often the shape of the final product is a direct response to the item of furniture it used to be.

Kirralee hopes her products become décor staples; that their minimalist essence and versatile design will allow them to grow and change as the user does.

Kirralee previously exhibited with Artisan in Meet the Makers, 2016.