Kim Wallace

Kim Wallace was born & raised in a small town in the Netherlands and has been calling Australia home since 2000. Kim has a professional background in graphic design however, she has always had a passion for arts and crafts and missed the process of creating something by hand. Now, she works from her studio space on the Sunshine Coast, overlooking the native bushland and coastal line. It is here that she is inspired to work on her growing collection of functional and decorative ceramics.

Kim describes her inspiration for the Vintage Lace Collection: “I was originally inspired by a box full of beautifully crafted doilies that I discovered tucked away in a corner at St Vinnies – they had been given away due to some discolouration, yet had such lovely patterns. I started to think of ways I could reuse these little works of art and incorporate them into modern, decorative and functional pieces, revamping them to highlight the beauty of their intricate patterns and texture.”