Jennifer Mulcahy

Jennifer Mulcahy is fascinated by processes of decay. The surface quality of her ceramics references the gradual transformation from hard to soft, inorganic to organic, that occurs when manmade structures such as derelict buildings are broken down and returned to the earth.

Mulcahy is also attracted to emergent spaces: crevices in the plasterwork opened up for mosses and lichens, partitions between tall buildings on a city skyline, fissures in rock and soil. These intervals available in nature and urban environments amplify contrasts of texture and mood. For this reason, her monolithic ceramics are best perceived in relation to one another in order to appreciate her use of void and non-space.

In 1984, Mulcahy moved to Magnetic Island off the Tropical North Queensland coast where she established the Nelly Bay Pottery Studio & Gallery. She is responsible for a number of large-scale public art pieces that can be seen throughout the Townsville area. Mulcahy often blends Perlite, sawdust and cellulose fibre into her clay body to add both texture and green strength to her larger works. Site-specific, found objects such as rusty metal bolts and gang nails are frequently included in her work.

Mulcahy holds a PhD in Creative Arts from James Cook University. She has participated in international artist residencies in Canada and Wales, and has been recognised with grants from Arts Queensland and Townsville City Council.

Jennifer exhibited with Artisan in Objects of Desire: Contemporary Clay, 2016.