Jade Marlick

JADE is a collection of handcrafted, contemporary jewellery designed by emerging creative, Jade  Elizabeth Marlick. Launched in late 2015 and based in sunny Brisbane, this venture was ignited by her love of sculpting small scale objects. With a desire to create jewellery which is indispensable, free of abstraction, pure and simple but still rich, precious and sparkly. This collection is informed by Jade’s education in Architecture, and the underlying need to formulate balance, stability and proportion in design and in life.

Working most currently as an Interior Designer by day and a Craftswoman by night, Jade is passionate about the made process, designing objects and spaces which are unique, timeless and irreplaceable.

Jade (the girl) loves: simplicity, minimalism, sparkly things, gold, precious gemstones, heirlooms, things that are subtle and not ostentatious, her dog, moments of dynamism and unpredictability.