Girringun Aboriginal Arts Centre

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation is a legally incorporated organisation under The Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). Girringun Aboriginal Corporation represents the interests of traditional owners from nine tribal groups: Bandjin, Djiru, Girramay, Gugu Badhun, Gulnay, Jirrbal, Nywaigi, Warrgamay and Warungnu.

Broadly, the traditional country of these groups encompasses land around North Maria Creek to El Arish and south west to the Tully River, north to Ravenshoe and Herberton, south to include country to the east of Einsleigh, south west of Greenvale and each to Rollingstone on the coast. The offshore islands and waters surrounding Hinchinbrook, Goold, Brooke, Family and the Dunk Islands are also included in this area.

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