Charlie & Blair

Adrian and Heather Smith are the artists behind local, handmade, ceramic label Charlie and Blair. Working together to create each piece, Adrian (Charlie) hand throws the clay while Heather (Blair) hand paints the forms.The couple are passionate about the handmade, and combine simple yet innovative forms and patterns to create their unique works. Adrian and Heather share an interest in repetition, expressed in the mark-making of their patterned glazes and through projects involving the creation of a new work every day. Their experience of nature and travels abroad inspire their practice. The blue and white colour scheme predominant in their work is informed by Japanese Sometsuke porcelain, with a contemporary twist brought to this tradition. Charlie and Blair aspire to create timeless and elegant handmade ceramics to be treasured in your home.

Charlie and Blair previously exhibited with Artisan in Meet the Makers, 2016.