Bonnie Hislop

I am a Brisbane based maker of things whose choice of medium and inspiration changes from time to time. All work shown here is my own. My current focus is hand built ceramics. Each piece is individually named, numbered and one of a kind.

From a young age my mother discouraged my sister and I from using colouring-in books and encouraged us to ‘draw outside the lines’ and create our own imaginary worlds without boundaries. I credit my impulsive approach, diverse creative interests and sense of freedom in my work to these early teachings. It is also through my mother’s own ceramic pursuits that I came to explore the medium for myself. What started as a hobby soon became a small business, and by the time I was 13 our family home was equipped with a ceramic studio, and one (now two) kilns. Once I had a handle on the basics, particularly in terms of painting, I was given free reign and encouraged to develop my own style and product. It is only recently that I’ve begun focusing more on hand building and functional sculpture.