Birdy & Clementine

Robyn Stewart is a long-term practicing ceramic artist who works out of her home studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. After a hiatus from ceramics to explore other mediums, Robyn returned in 2015 to pursue the endless learning and possibilities she sees in the medium under the moniker Birdy & Clementine. For Robyn, working with clay requires technical finesse and precision but it also allows for spontaneous creativity which is a unique feature of her work. She seeks to minimise the use of tools in her work, choosing to embrace hand-forming and painting instead. Her pieces are made to be enjoyed; despite their delicate appearance each piece is functional and durable. Robyn’s current Birdy & Clementine work is inspired by the soft colour palette of the 1950s and has a strong emphasis on abstraction and freeform, organic pattern making.

Robyn previously exhibited with artisan in Meet the Makers, 2016.