Aaron Barton

Aaron Barton is a furniture maker and designer working out of Dayboro in South East Queensland. He is a fourth generation maker who made the leap to become a full-time craftsman by launching his business, Backwoods Original, in 2012. His practice combines traditional handcrafting with contemporary form and a love of recycled timbers. Aaron applies his skills across a range of products, from furniture and homewares to theatre sets, creative fit-outs and installations. He is passionate about extending the furniture market beyond the mass-produced by making handmade, bespoke furniture more accessible.

Working with recycled wood is an inherently bespoke practice, with each piece of timber requiring individual consideration and treatment for its potential to be realised. By focusing on this practice, Aaron is able to distinguish his work from the mass-produced by telling the unique story of both the history of the timber and the handcrafts involved in its repurposing. Aaron’s practice aims to both educate consumers about the value of the handmade whilst contributing to the continuity of traditional woodworking.

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