Current exhibitions

Current exhibitions

19 April – 25 June 2016

The Apprenticeship

Gallery 1

The Apprenticeship exhibition celebrates the work and stories of thirteen artisans, from blacksmiths and shoemakers to sign-writers and furniture makers, all striving to preserve traditional crafts and trades that have declined at the hands of mass production. This exhibition reveals how these artisans have pioneered pathways to gaining these skills, reinventing ‘the apprenticeship’ for today. The creativity and shifts in practice showcased in this exhibition highlight the challenges of reviving traditional handcrafts in a marketplace vastly different from the one in which they originally evolved. The Apprenticeship ultimately provides a platform for discussion around contemporary pathways to acquiring traditional craft and trade skills and creating value of them in today’s economy.

Curated by Richard Stride and Aaron Barton.

Aaron Barton (Backwoods Original), David Atkinson (Little Peach Co.), Ian Morgan (Tinkers World), Peter Bosworth (Bosworth Drum Co.), Emily Devers and Rick Hayward (Frank & Mimi), Eleisha Nylund (Nylund – Handcrafted Design), Lachlan Park (LP Workshop), David Bradley (Dragonforge), Clare Kennedy (Five Mile Radius), Karim and Leila Haddad (Tharwa Valley Forge), and Rachel Ayland (Bangalow Shoemaking).

Exhibition continues to 25 June 2016.

19 April to 25 June 2016

Megan MacKenzie | Tailgater

Small Object Space

Tailgater is an exhibition of jewellery objects by Megan MacKenzie.  Made predominantly from car plastics found on or alongside Brisbane roads since 2013, each piece is a material documentation of a collision in time and space. By using collected pieces of broken car plastics in her work, Megan investigates the environmental and social impacts of car collisions and, at the same time, creates a new life and form for the broken pieces left behind by these accidents.

Tailgater features in our Small Object Space (SOS) presented in partnership with Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art. SOS is an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing the college’s best jewellery and small object works from student, staff and alumni.

18 April to 29 May 2016

Lucy-Belle Rayner | A Study in Bones

Ivory St Window Gallery

This exhibition features a unique collection of limited edition garments by Brisbane-based emerging fashion and textile designer, Lucy-Belle Rayner. Under her label, Lucy-Belle, the collection showcases meticulous hand sewing and fabric manipulation techniques in the construction of highly detailed garments. Created from exclusive digitally printed textiles, A Study in Bones is an exploration of the unexpected beauty and fragility of animal skeletons.


Image: Little Peach Co (David Atkinson with Heidelberg Platen Press). Courtesy of the artist.