Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

28 March – 3 June 2017

Material: Concrete

Gallery 1

Material: Concrete explores the diversity and potential of concrete across all creative fields from the handmade to the industrially manufactured. It brings together architecture, design, art and jewellery to break the moulds of expectation we often unknowingly hold for the material.

This exhibition is part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum, an initiative of Architecture Media and the State Library of Queensland.

Karl de Waal_A Brief History of Colonialism_2016_found concrete and novelty plastic

Karl de Waal, A Brief History of Colonialism, 2016, found concrete and novelty plastic.

28 March – 3 June 2017

Helen Bird & Susan Hawkins | With + Within

SOS (Small Object Space)

Makers Susan Hawkins and Helen Bird explore the alchemic relationships between material, function and form through this exhibition. Working with similar repurposed and recycled materials, Hawkins and Bird provide familiar glimpses of craft and design histories in their sculptural forms. With + Within transforms traditional processes and functions into new experiences and invites viewers to explore the works with a sense of curiosity in surface and form.


Helen Bird banner mobile

Helen Bird, Trace series 3 (detail 1), 2015. Sterling silver, copper, brass, vitreous enamel, stainless steel, patina. Photo by Lisa Brown.

6 March – 7 May 2017

Jeanette Stok | Mutagenesis

Ivory Street Window Gallery

Jeanette Stok is a Brisbane-based artist who is influenced by her work as a research scientist and the traditional crafts introduced to her by mother and grandmother. Stok’s wire embroidery installation, Mutagenesis, is created using Hardanger embroidery techniques, which traditionally employ repeated motifs to create symmetrical, geometric designs that share much in common with the replication of living cells. Stok transforms traditional Hardanger configurations to represent the concept of mutation that occurs when internal mistakes or external factors disrupt the patterns of living cells.


Jeanette Stok, Heredity, 2014. Galvanised wire and wire mesh Photo by Andrew Todd.